Remember, anything that needs to be secure online needs to operate under the safety net of an SSL certificate.
Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate on Your Website?

How do you know if your website has SSL?

1. Search in Google for your company name and click on the link

2. Does your website show http:// in the browser address bar (This is not secure, you need SSL)

3. If your website shows https:// (You already have SSL)

What is the risk if I don’t have SSL Certificate Installed?

The internet is a highly competitive market place and giving users the right first impression is vital. If users are confronted with a message “Your connection to this site is not secure” this will inevitably discourage many users from completing an enquiry form or purchase and they may choose to buy from a competitor.

New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are set to come into play in May 2018. GDPR will apply to all sizes of business and if data you collect via your website is not secure your should consider the implications of not upgrading.

Google is now pushing for all websites collecting personal data to be secure and it has stated it will give preference to secure websites. Can you afford to lose valuable website traffic?

Why SSL is Critical?

1. Builds Trust with your customers
With SSL, your customers will see visuals like the Green lock icon that indicates your site is using encryption and their information is safe.

2. Google Rankings Increase
Google has said it will give priority to secure websites. It wants its user’s data to be secure.

3. Encrypts Sensitive Information
When users interact with your website, from their computer, data such as email, name, address or credit card information is not secure. Once SSL is installed data is encrypted. Get your website on SSL Today Click here for options.

Get your website on SSL today. Click here for options