SSL Types

There are three main types of SSL Certificates that are available today. The encryption levels are the same for each certificate, however,it is the verification processes needed to obtain the certificate and the browser look and feel that vary.

Domain Validated (DV SSL) Certificates

The Domain Validated Certificate shows the public that any information they send to your website will be encrypted. You will also receive an HTTPS web address and a secure padlock icon that indicates your website is protected by an SSL certificate. Another main advantage of this type of certification is the actual speed of deployment which can be up and running in hours.

DV certificates will protect you, protect your visitors’ information, and infuriate hackers.

Organisation Validated (OV SSL) Certificates

The Organisation Validated Certificates have the same level of encryption as DV certificates, but they also have some vetting of the organisation. This additional vetted company information is displayed to customers when clicking on the secure site seal. As long as your business is registered, the validation process isn’t a problem. In most cases, it only takes a couple of days to get setup.

Extended Validation (EV SSL) Certificates

The Extended Validation Certificate is the highest standard of SSL you can get. This complete SSL solution not only encrypts your website, but also provides extra premium features that boost trust by displaying the green address bar. Not everyone can obtain an EV certificate, and a strict validation process must be gone through. It is highly recommended if you run an e-commerce website as it will align your website with the major companies on the Internet. EV certificates are the only SSL products that activate the green address bar in browsers. This green bar is the most universally recognized symbol of trust across the web. It’s quite simple, when users trust, they convert. Green means go in every language!